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You can of course buy Research Chemicals at Flowstoflab. We only sell the very best quality and that too at a very competitive price. In addition to a competitive price and good quality, you also get a super fast delivery time and friendly personal customer service. The products we offer are lab tested and that is why we guarantee a purity of 100%. Feel free to take a look at our range and see which products best suit your needs. Don't wait any longer and start your own research with Flowstoflab products today!

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About Flowstoflab

Flowstoflab is a professional webshop that specializes in research chemicals. You can buy a large number of Research Chemicals from us. All our products have been carefully tested in the laboratory and that is why we can guarantee 100% pure RCs of the best quality. Flowstoflab has also been around for four years in January. Our team now consists of experienced experts in the field of RCs. With us you really get value for your money. In addition to top quality products, you also get fast delivery and good professional service.

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Which Research Chemicals can I buy from you?

At Flowstoflab you can buy many different types of Research Chemicals. An example of this are the well-known cathinones such as: 2-MMC en 2-CMC. You can also find other types in our webshops such as 2-FDCK, 1P-LSD, 2-FMA and many more. Please feel free to take a look at our webshop and see what we can offer you.

The products we sell are all laboratory tested and have a purity of >99%. Ordering Research Chemicals from our webshop is only possible for research purposes and not for human consumption.

Why order from Flowstoflab?

Why should you buy Research Chemicals from Flowstoflab? First of all, we only stand for the best quality products. The products we offer are therefore always guaranteed of the highest purity and quality and always laboratory tested.

In addition to quality, the customer also comes first for us. You can therefore reach us almost all day long for all your questions about your order or other questions.

We also always offer the best prices, so you always save a lot of money in your wallet.

How can I order Research Chemicals from you?

You can easily and simply buy Research Chemicals from us. After you place an order with us, you can easily transfer the amount of your order to our account number, stating the order number.

If you place your order before 16:00 PM, we will ensure that we send your order the same day. This means you will almost always receive your order the next working day!

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