Difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC

difference between 2-mmc and 3-cmc

Anyone familiar with the world of Research Chemicals has heard of 2-MMC and 3-CMC. But many people wonder; what is the difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC? In this article we will delve deeper into this question, and we will search for the best possible answer to this question.

What exactly is 3-CMC?

To understand the difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC, we must first understand and learn what these substances are in the first place. 3-CMC also known as 3-chloromethcathinone is a Research Chemical that falls under the group of synthetic Cathinones and was sold in the Netherlands as legal designer drugs. The substance has a stimulating effect. The substance has already been banned and is therefore no longer legally available on the internet.

So what is 2-MMC?

2-MMC, also known as cat, meow and 2-methylmethcathinone, is, just like 3-CMC, a synthetic cathinone. Just like 3-CMC, 2-MMC also has a stimulating effect, which is very similar to 3-CMC. However, unlike 3-CMC, 2-MMC is not yet banned in the Netherlands. But what is the difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC? Read on to find out the answer.

What is the difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC?

The difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC is actually smaller than you might think. The substances both belong to the same group of substances, namely the synthetic cathinones, and both have a stimulating effect. However, there are some differences between the two.

The main difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC is how the substances are made and produced. 2-MMC is a methylated variant of the synthetic cathinones of which the methyl ring is placed in the second position. 3-CMC, on the other hand, is a chlorinated substance in which chlorine is placed in the third position of the benzene ring.

There is also a difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC in terms of legislation. While 3-CMC is banned in the Netherlands, 2-MMC is not yet banned in the rest of Europe. 2-MMC is currently still legally available in the Netherlands and is therefore easy to order online.

Regarding the effect of the substances, there is also a difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC. This is especially clear by the many forum posts that can be found on online forums such as drugsforum.nl. For example, users report that 3-CMC has a more intense effect than 2-MMC and some users on these forums also say that 3-CMC gives a painful feeling to the nose when the substance is sniffed. Other users report about 2-MMC, for example, that the craving they experience is not that high, so there is not a huge urge to continuously take more.

The conclusion about the difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC

In this article we have actually come to the conclusion that on the one hand there is little difference between 2-MMC and 3-CMC, but on the other hand there is a world of difference. While one substance is banned, the other substance remains legal for the time being. The method of production also differs greatly and users also report experiencing differences between the two substances. Buy 3CMC This is no longer possible in the Netherlands, but you can still do it Buy 2MMC on online web shops such as Flowstoflab. However, it is important to emphasize that Buy Research Chemicals is not intended for human consumption, but can only be used for research purposes.

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